Magic and Auras

Roseilorns are typically magical creatures with varying levels of magical ability. This magic comes from their bloomed eye, and the petals themselves have magical properties. Roseilorns who fail to bloom (maintain a crystal eye into adulthood) have lower to no magical abilities. Roseilorns who are missing their eye/bloom entirely have no magical ability at all, and are typically sickly. However, Roseilorn with 2 bloomed eyes typically have the strongest magical abilities.

Roseilorn are capable of doing healing, nurturing, and protection magic. They specialize in medicinal and nature aligned abilities, mending wounds and illnesses, growing flora for food, medicine, and even as means of protection. Stronger Roseilorn are capable of creating barriers and illusion magic, and all Roseilorn that have enough magical ability to produce an aura can manipulate their auras to tell stories.


Roseilorn magic generates a colourful aura based on the colour of either their flower, horn, or eye. (These are often all the same colour, though they can be "mismatched", in which case the aura's colour could be any of them, but is most commonly drawn from the flower.) Roseilorn that have lost their bloom and are sickly often have no aura at all.

On rare occasion, Roseilorn are born with strange traits and new powers from two perfectly normal Roseilorn parents. These odd Roseilorn are called Elementals.

Life Magic

Life Magic is a rare magical ability to create life itself between two beings, no matter their sex or species. Those born with this ability typically go on to become midwives, though there are some who find a darker purpose for their powerful magic, using it to experiment and play with life itself. 

Projections and Pseudo Halos

Roseilorns can conjure a projection of their flower(s) with their aura. These projections typically appear when a Roseilorn is actively using their magical abilities to heal or grow plant life, but they can also be used theatrically to tell stories, and children often use them in games.

Those who have an especially generous well of magic tend to develop "pseudo halos" above their head. These are different from the stain-glass style halos that are prevalent in the Heavens, as they are merely projections of their powerful aura. Those who use strong magic often tend to sport these halos all the time, while others may only have them when actively using their powers.