Bank of Roseil


Welcome to the Bank of Roseil!

Here you can submit, track, trade, and use the Bloom and items you have earned. 

Bloom can be used to purchase items from the shops, traded with other members, gifted, or hoarded.

Bloom may be sold for USD and other Virtual Currencies at 100 Bl : $1 USD

Earning Bloom


Base Earnings


Monthly Prompt  100 Bloom

DTA Entry  50 Bloom 

Unprompted Art/Writing  20 Bloom

Event Entries - 1st entry 100 Bloom; Extra entries 50 bloom each


Additional Earnings




+10 Bloom every 100 words, rounding down >50< rounding up.
Example: 230 words = 20 Bloom, while 280 words = 30 Bloom
Any writing under 100 words will not be accepted.


Drabble (100 words)  +10 Bloom
Ficlet (1,000 Words)  +100 Bloom

Short Story (7,500 Words)  +750 Bloom
Novelette (17,500 Words)  +1750 Bloom
Novella (40,000 Words)  +4000 Bloom
Novel - Anything over 40k Words





  • Headshot  +10 Bloom

  • Waist up  +20 Bloom

  • Full Body  +30 Bloom



  • Headshot  +20 Bloom

  • Waist Up  +30 Bloom 

  • Full Body  +40 Bloom


Flat Colour

  • Headshot (Flat Colour)  +30 Bloom

  • Waist Up (Flat Colour)  +40 Bloom

  • Full Body (Flat Colour)  +50 Bloom


Shaded Colour

  • Headshot  +40 Bloom

  • Waist Up  +50 Bloom

  • Full Body  +60 Bloom


Simple Background +20 Bloom

Complex Background  +50 Bloom


GIFs/Animation Add-on

  • Simple Gif  +20 Bloom

  • Complex Gif  +50 Bloom

  • Short Animation  +100 Bloom per frame

  • Long/Complex Animation  +200 Bloom per frame



(done FOR you)

Commissions you paid for earn 10 Bloom for every $1 USD spent.

Proof of payment must be provided with the finished art.

Users found abusing* this feature will be blacklisted from the community.

**Lying about commissions, forging proof, etc.


Gifts you draw for others earn an additional 100 Bloom each.


Only applies to official/mod/MYO slot purchases. Resales do not earn Bloom.

  • MYO Slots(1) 50 Bloom

  • MYO Designs(2) 50 Bloom

  • Pre-made 100 Bloom

  • Customs 500 Bloom

(1) MYO Slots may only claimed if you purchased the slot. Free/Raffle/Traded/Gifted slots do not count.

(2) MYO Designs may be claimed even if they were from a Free/Raffle/Traded/Gifted myo slot.

You may claim both the slot and design once, if the slot was purchased.