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Crystal Rot

Crystal Rot typically sprouts from cracked/damaged crystal eyes and horns. Common causes are Roseilorn parents trying to force their child’s eye to bloom when they fail to as they age. While it’s incredibly rare, some successfully bloomed Roseilorn will get Crystal Rot in their eye if some of the crystal is left behind after blooming. 


Roseilorn care for their horns, and will even make casings for them if they lack thorns, or if their thorns were damaged, in order to protect them from cracking or breaking off entirely. Cracked and broken horns are at a higher risk for Crystal Rot.


Once started, it’s impossible to stop Crystal Rot. The only way to keep it from spreading, is to remove the affected area entirely. Because Roseilorn only have crystals/horns on their head, there is no way to remove the affected area and stop the progression. 


Crystal Rot is superficial at first. The crystal will crack and build up, eating away at the flesh and bones around it and spreading throughout the head. As it eats away at the Roseilorn’s brain, the Roseilorn will begin to lose their sense of self, and will even begin to crave fresh blooms. Rotting Roseilorn will attack others to tear out their blooms in search of their lifesource and healing properties. They are also known to devour Uiks and Ubouza for their crystals. 


Rotting Roseilorn need these crystals and blooms to keep ‘living’, and will become immobile over time if they are deprived of them. While they do not die, Roseilorn with Crystal Rot will eventually fuse with the cavern walls in the Abyss. Their desperate wails can be heard echoing in the dark, abandoned depths of Roseil.


Early Stage Crystal Rot

The progression is still mostly superficial. The Roseilorn is in pain, but their mind is mostly unaffected at this point.

Obtaining Crystal Rot

Crystal Rot is not a free-to-use trait and must be acquired via events or the general shop.

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