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What Are Roseilorns?

Roseilorns are an anthropomorphic sub species of unicorns. Magical creatures, they are in tune with nature, and have an affinity for controlling plant life by making things grow, using flora as a defense, imbuing plants with magical, and sometimes healing properties, etc.. The flowers they bloom from their eye can be used in medicines and teas, but taking too much from any flower, or removing the entire flower from a Roseilorn's eye, can result in sickness, or even death. 

Roseilorn Anatomy

Their bodies vary depending on the Roseilorn themselves. Roseilorns can be any body type and weight. The average Roseilorn falls between 5'6" and 6'5", but can range anywhere between 4'5" and 8'0". 


Their bodies are covered in a soft, silky fur, ranging in thickness. Their neck fur is always thick, though some do trim it, thin it, or even shave it. Their feet are beneath a curtain of silky, long fur. It is almost always straight. Some Roseilorns shave this, as well. 

Roseilorn faces feature a small, cat-like nose, and are typically petite. It is possible for them the sprout a flower from either eye. Their non-blooming eye's pupil is slit like a feline's, and responds in the same way. Roseilorn brows are typically oval in shape, and they always have whiskers from their cheeks and brow.

Roseilorn feet are digitigrade and cat-like in nature. They have claws and soft paw pads. On very rare occasions, a Roseilorn is born with hooves. In contrast, their hands are more humanoid in nature, and do not feature retractable claws. Instead, their claws feel/look more like sharp human nails. 


Small Horn

Small Ears


Long Horn

Medium Ears


Common Traits

These are the most commonly seen Roseilorn traits and are considered standard within the species. 


Common Roseilorn horns are either small or long unicorn horns. The size can vary, but the standards are pictured to the left. Protective thorns are always wrapped around their horn.


Small ears always stick straight out from the head horizontally. Medium ears will always reach the shoulders, and never go past the chest. They are soft and able to move. Some Roseilorn can even 'flap' them, though it won't make them fly.


Long tails are typically as long as their height or longer, and droop tails will always rest on the ground. Their tails are soft and silky to the touch, and lay flat against their backside.



Common Roseilorn blooms are roses that meet the following criteria: 

They are high-centered or cupped, full (26-40 petals) blooms. Their flowers can come in any colour, no matter the bloom type, and often match their horn and/or eye.

Examples of qualifying blooms:

National Trust (Hybrid Tea)
Heart Throb (Hybrid Tea)

Arisoso (Hybrid Tea)

Pride of Cheshire (Grandiflora)


Long Tail

Droop Tail

Anchor 1

Kirin Horn


Long Ears

Uncommon Traits

These are less commonly seen traits in the species.


A single, long Kirin horn is an uncommon sight among Roseilorns, but does occur. Protective thorns are always wrapped around the horn.


Long Ears are ears that go past the chest, but do not pass the hips. These ears don't move or lift as freely.


Short tails are tails that don't touch the ground, but go past their knees. 



Uncommon Roseilorn feature any Rose that didn't fit within the common Rose requirements. Blooms come in any colour, no matter the type.


You can look up various roses via this online database!


Short Tail

Anchor 2

Small Kirin Horn

Mixed Flowers

Super Long


Rare Traits

These are rare traits in the Roseilorn species, and are typically accepted as a sign of the middle class.


Small Kirin Horns and Twin Kirin Horns are two rare variations their horns can grow in. They always have protective thorns wrapped around them.


Super Long Ears are ears that go past the hips, and can even reach the ground in length. These ears don't move or lift as freely, but they make good scarves.


Up Tails are lifted instead of laying low against their backside. They come in various sizes, but are always at least as long as the Roseilorn's thigh. They are seen as classier, as they don't tend to gather dust and dirt by dragging on the ground.

Extra Fluff

Roseilorn sometimes have much fluffier fur than typical, especially in the fur around their necks, feet, arms, and hips. The fur is extremely soft and silky when cared for properly, and is seen as luxurious by those who don't have it. In reality, it often makes for a very warm Roseilorn, and many shave or trim their extra fluff, especially during the summer months.


Rare Roseilorn feature any flowers that are not Roses. They can also feature mixed blooms with more than one type of flower sprouting from their eye.


Twin Kirin Horns

Extra Fluff


Up Tail

Anchor 3

Twin small kirin horns


 Super RareTraits

These are exceptionally rare traits in the Roseilorn species, and are typically accepted as a sign of the upper-middle class.


Small Twin Kirin Horns, Small Twin Horns, and Curled Horns are incredibly rare variations their horns can grow in. They always have protective thorns wrapped around them.


Perk ears are Roseilorn ears that are lifted. They are extremely expressive and the most mobile of all the ear types.


The Bob Tail can range anywhere between a nub and a stubby upturned tail. They are never longer than the mid-thigh or higher than the hip.

Thorny Vines

Some Roseilorn will grow additional vines from their eye or the back of their neck. These vines creep along their throat, arms, torso, and legs, and are typically thorny. They can come in other vine-like materials depending on what their bloom is, and they are capable of sprouting blooms of their own.


Super Rare Roseilorn feature any plants that are not flowers. This includes any flowering plant that bears fruit. (strawberries, pumpkins, tomatoes, etc.)



Thorny Vines

Twin Small Horns

Perk Ears

Curled Horns


Bob Tail

Anchor 4



Flower Crown

Legendary Traits

These are legendary traits in the Roseilorn species, and are considered representations of their origins and Roseilorn with these traits are considered to be "blessed" by Saint Roseil. These are the only traits accepted in the Heavens.


Some Roseilorn are born with Hooves. While this trait isn't as desirable in the Heavens as other traits, it is seen as a blessing due to the beauty of the hooves. Some groups in the Heavens see it as an evolutionary step forward, and prophesy that a hoofed child will be the next "Saint Roseil." 


Long, slender Unicorn tails are considered the tails of the Heavens. They are sleek, and Roseilorn keep the end hair well groomed and will grow it to various lengths.

Flower Crowns

Roseilorn with exceptional magical reservoirs will sometimes grow a flower crown. These crowns will either sprout from the back of their head, or curl up over their head and around from their bloomed eye. 


Halos are the most desirable Legendary trait in the Heavens, as it is seen as a direct blessing from Saint Roseil herself. Halos are a sign of great magical power, and those with naturally grown Halos are often the ones with the most say in Roseil. Halos grow from the back of the head/neck and form as thorn vines at first. When the shape is finished, the stained-glass crystals will begin to grow and fill in the center of the halo. While the most desired trait, they are also the most vulnerable to Crystal Rot.


Flower Crowns and Halos cannot occur at the same time. However, a Roseilorn may have hooves, a unicorn tail, and a flower crown OR halo.




Unicorn Tail

Anchor 5


These are unusual and otherworldly traits that have no logical explanation. Most Mutated Roseilorn are born with these mutations, but potions can be used to achieve these strange looks. Though it comes with many risks, Mutation potions are popular in the Abyss.


Mutated horns can take any shape, though the most 'common' mutated horn shape are dragon horns. While some mutated horns will have protective thorns, dragon horns will always be without them. Mutated horns can also be normal Roseilorn horns that are missing their protective thorns.


Mutated tails can come in any shape and size, though they are typically still covered in fur if they are not an Elemental or Crossbreed. Horse tails are an exception. Mutated tails can also come in multiples, but all tails will always match.

Crystal Eyes

While not always a true mutation, sometimes a Roseilorn's crystal eye does not bloom. In other cases, a Roseilorn is born with two crystal eyes that never bloom, or will have one that blooms, and the other that doesn't. Roseilorn are always blind in their crystal eye(s).


Some Roseilorn born with two crystal eyes will have both eyes bloom successfully. Roseilorn with two fully bloomed eyes are typically stronger, but strange things are known to happen to their powers due to the dual blooms.


Crystal Eye

Dragon Horns

No thorns on horns

Anchor 6

Known Mutations

  • No protective thorns on the horn

  • No flower (crystal/unbloomed eye)

  • Missing Flower/Dead flower (sickly)

  • Two flowers (both eyes)

  • Dragon Horns (always come with no thorns)

  • Horse Tail


  • Unique horns/tails


  • Coloured Sclera

  • Multiple horns (must all match/be the same type of horn)


  • Wings (limited to 1 set, anything more is a special case or from a crossbreed)

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