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Roseilorn are a Closed Species, meaning you may not make your own without permission. 

However, you may obtain a Roseilorn in various ways!


-Adoptables, Raffles, OTA, MYO-

Via the DeviantArt group, you may purchase pre-made Roseilorns. You may also enter raffles for a chance to win a Roseilorn!

Offer to adopt (OTA) Roseilorns are sometimes available for art, money, and/or design trades. 

Occasionally, the MYO Shop opens or holds an event. There, you can purchase a slot to make your own Roseilorn.


-Adopts, Raffles, Trades, Resales-

Now and then, the Roseilorn Discord hosts server exclusive adopt sales and raffles.

Other users may be trading or re-selling their Roseilorns via the #trade-resell channel.

Payment Methods

-Paypal, DeviantArt Points, Bloom-

Roseilorns accepts three payment methods, though all three are not always available.

Most sales are made via PayPal. On occasion, Roseilorns will accept DeviantArt Points.

The Roseilorn MYO Shop accepts all three payment methods.

What is Bloom?
-Roseilorn Currency-

Bloom is an in-game Roseilorn currency that can be earned by participating in events and by being active in the community.

Bloom can be used to purchase trait upgrades, MYO slots, items in the shops, and familiars.

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