Roseilorn F2u Bases


Download the PSD from the associated link. A program that can open Photoshop Documents is required. (PS, CSP, SAI, etc.)


You may not use these bases for adoptables or for non-Roseilorn purposes. 

You may not use these bases to create designs for profit.

However, you MAY use these bases for commissioned MYO designs and base transfers.

You may edit the lines as needed, unless otherwise stated on the base itself. 

You must always credit the base creator. Do not remove the signature. 

These bases are FREE and NOT for sale. Do not sell these bases. 

Banana Milk Media
© 2019
Roseilorns are a Closed Species, You may not make your own without permission.

What people do with their Roseilorns do not represent the views of Banana Milk Media and their mods.
Do not use Roseilorn assets as your own. Please view a list of asset credits here.