Aging and Sexual Development

From birth until ~25 years, Roseilorn are ambiguous in sex. When they hit puberty, their sex becomes less ambiguous, and can fall anywhere on the spectrum. Roseilorn reach puberty at 25 years. This is also typically when their eye will crack and bloom, though late bloomers are not unheard of. They do most of their maturing from 25-75, and all bloom and grow at various rates.

At 75, most Roseilorn have reached sexual maturity. Those without a bloom will most likely never bloom, though blooming as a teen is not unheard of. Their bodies are still going through smaller changes, and they are still aging.


Finally, at 100 years, a Roseilorn is considered physically mature and will typically stop growing, and their aging process more or less stops. Those who have not bloomed at this point, never will. If a Roseilorn lives long enough, they will begin to show signs of aging.

Roseilorn Lifespans

Roseilorn are capable of living thousands of years (their true lifespan is unknown.) There are very few, however, who still live that were present when St. Roseil saved them, 5000 years ago. This is mostly due to casualties of war and poaching, Many Roseilorn born after their new, hidden society was stabilized will be capable of living 5000 years +.

Death in Roseilorn Society

Most Roseilorn deaths are caused by poachers, Crystal Rot, or simply because their flower wilted/died/was lost in some manner. (While it's possible for a Roseilorn to survive losing their eye/bloom entirely, their health will remain poor, and death is eventually inevitable.)