A special mutation, some Roseilorns are born with a strong elemental influence from two regular Roseilorn parents. While there is no true understanding as to why Roseilorn develop these elemental abilities and (sometimes) strange physical features, it is widely believed that they are the result of a genetic mutation due to more traditional crossbreed ancestors on either, or both, sides of the parents' family trees. Despite this theory, most Elementals have 'clean' lineages.


Elemental Roseilorns will sometimes feature strange traits related to their element, such as watery hair or body parts, fiery blooms, mossy growths, etc.. Some will even have non-Roseilorn physical traits, like a tentacle tail, or wooden limbs. These Roseilorn have the ability to wield their given element, though many seem to have lost their healing abilities in exchange. 


Because their abilities are often well suited to battle, Elementals are typically taken away by those in the Heavens, and raised to be the guardians of Roseil. Those in the Heavens tend to praise them for keeping their homes safe, but look down on them for being lesser and impure. 


Elementals born into wealthy and well respected families (the upper levels, but mostly those residing in the Heavens) are given the highest rank. While they look down on most Elementals, any born in 'respected society' are seen as more of an honor. 

Currently, the Elemental mutation is only available via pre-made adoptables.