Credits | Owner, art assets, Writing, website design, language, character designs, lore+

Character Designs: Taiel (Banker), Jalath (General Shop), Keibine (Mod Shop), Hana (Familiar Shop)
Familiar Designs: Uik, Ubouza
Assets: The Unveiling Promo, Bloom Coin, Inventory Assets, Lilena's Garden Promo (lines) | Co-Owner, character designs, Assets, lore+

Character Designs: Mascot (Lorn)
Familiar Designs: Ceviae

Assets: Lilena's Garden Promo (colour), rose borders (bank vaults, shops) | Mod, Assets, Character Design

Character Designs: Jaeth (Clothing Shop)
Assets: MYO Event Promos | Mod, Character Design

Character Designs: Lilena (Midwife) | Writer

Writing: Mod Shop Intro, Clothing Shop Intro, Familiar Shop Intro | NPC Designs

Character Design: Kaze (Historian), Ejala (Casino) | Website Host | Language Generation

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Roseilorns are a Closed Species, You may not make your own without permission.

What people do with their Roseilorns do not represent the views of Banana Milk Media and their mods.
Do not use Roseilorn assets as your own. Please view a list of asset credits here.