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Who is Saint Roseil?


Saint Roseil is considered the original Roseilorn. She was the first ever to be born with a crystal eye, and shocked the world when her eye bloomed. Society wasn't quick to accept her. They saw her eye, and the healing abilities that came with it as something to fear. An infection. A sickness. A mutation. 

After her birth, more children were born with crystal eyes. This strange and sudden phenomenon sparked outrage and panic. Was there something in the food? Or maybe it was the water? The air? No matter how hard they tried, they could find no clear cause of the sudden mutation affecting so many children. 


As the first generation reached adulthood, tensions were on the rise. They were tired of being treated like freaks, outcast by their families, by society itself. There were those who stood by their side, of course. Allies who saw them as equal, and some who held them on pedestals as a blessing from the gods. They protested and pleaded for acceptance, but were met by an unforgiving society that feared them so much they called for their extermination. Roseil would be the one to lead the resistance, standing their ground until they were weary and tired. 


When her abilities peaked, her healing so powerful she could heal someone with a mere touch, Roseil gained a halo of roses. While this development brought some to their side, it was the last straw for a society so filled with fear and hate. The outcry forced the Roseilorns to flee with their allies, and Roseil would lead them to a new home.

This new home was not far from the society that rejected them, hidden from the world with magic. Roseil would continue to guide cast out Roseilorns to this new world, until she was killed by poachers seeking immortality. In honor of everything she did for them, they named themselves, and the home she had helped build for them after her.


Her teachings of peace and acceptance constructed most of what Roseilorn society is today. She is a well respected figure by all, though some have forgotten their origins while placing St. Roseil on a pedestal as a symbol of perfection, purity, and ideal, using her image as a means to outcast those with mutations.

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