Roseilorn Society

Roseilorn are typically born and raised within their home domain, Roseil. Very few are left that recall the days of Saint Roseil. They are a somewhat reclusive species, and many do not leave Roseil, and outsiders are rarely let in. Due to the healing and medicinal properties of their flowers, Roseilorn are often poached or captured for research pertaining to immortality by those who seek it. 


Those who leave and never return, are often considered dead. The family will mourn their loss, but leaving the safety Roseil worked so hard to provide them is seen as foolish and nothing more than a death wish by many. 


Roseilorn are, at heart, peaceful creatures. Family, friends, and sacred bonds are all incredibly important to them, as is health and safety. Because of this, they are very social and love to host gatherings, parties, and feasts. They especially love wine.

Relationships and Marriage

A Roseilorn courting another Roseilorn will often woo them with good food and wine. Love often blooms during celebrations and festivals, as well as during smaller gatherings.


Weddings and anniversaries are most common during the Festival of St. Roseil. Roseilorn weddings are large, extravagant events no matter the class. The celebration spans over three days, all filled with good food, wine, music, and dancing. On the final day, the couple exchange petals and consume them as-is to cement their bond. 


There are no laws that bar same-sex relationships or marriages, however, some Roseilorn hold family above the rest, and believe a couple that cannot reproduce is unnatural. Overall, same-sex relationships are accepted within Roseilorn society. 

Reproduction and Family

Roseilorn reproduce just as any mammal would. They have an 11-12 month gestation period, and most Roseilorn children are conceived and born during the Festival of St. Roseil. 


Most Roseilorn only bear one child at a time. Twins and triplets are rare, while anything beyond that is unheard of.

Many Roseilorn will go through Midwife Lilena's Life Magic to conceive without carrying their child. This method is frequently used by the Heavens to preserve their fit bodies, and by same-sex Roseilorn couples that would otherwise be unable to have children together. 

Adoption is another popular method of building a family in Roseil, especially in the lower sectors. Higher class Roseilorn have a habit of abandoning Roseilorn children that feature mutations out of shame. Some upper class Roseilorn are known to do the same. Lilena and her team work hard to care for and home these young Rosei, though many are trafficked in the abyss, or smuggled outside of Roseil to be sold.


Roseilorn have human-like family groups and social structures. They are typically multi-generational households and are proud to have a large, extended family. 

Social Classes in Roseil

Roseilorn society has an Upper, Middle, and Lower class divide. 


Upper class Roseilorn live their lives in luxurious homes and host extravagant parties. They are often the ones with the strongest magic, and the highest concentration of Legendary traits. They often view themselves as the closest to St. Roseil, especially if they themselves have a halo. The upper class will typically abandon a child born with a mutation, sending them down to the depths of the lower classes. Those who do keep them, shun them and blame them for their own short-comings.


Middle Class Roseilorn vary depending on how close to either end of the spectrum they are. Some Roseilorn with Legendary traits can be found here, but typically gaining a halo or flower crown will immediately boost a Roseilorn's status exponentially. Parties are often less extravagant in the Middle Class, but they often emulate the Upper Class to the best of their abilities, seeking power, acceptance, and validation. Mutations are looked down upon in middle class society, but families do not typically abandon their mutated children. They shun and pity them, and tend to name them as the reason they will never be upper class. 


Lower Class Roseilorn are the most down to earth group of them all. Here, many still know and remember St. Roseil's original teachings. They accept Roseilorn with any mutation, seeing them not as a flaw, but a reminder of their origins. Parties in the lower class are loud, lively, and go on the longest. 

Currency of Roseil

Bloom is the Roseilorn currency. It is a thin, golden coin, approximately 1.25 inches wide. In the center is a relief of a rose bloom, hence the name. Each piece is worth 10 Bloom. Prices are always in integers of 10. (e.g. Something will be priced 250, not 245. You would need 25 Bloom coins to make 250 Bloom.) 100 Bloom is about the equivalent of $1 USD.