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In all sectors of Roseil, gold accents and rose motifs are common additions 

The Heavens

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Due to the cooler nature of the Heavens, Roseilorn fashion there tends to consist of thicker material, furs, and layers.


Colours prominent in the Heavens are whites, reds, and golds, and the materials they use are typically more luxurious in feel.


Some Roseilorn in the Heavens with thicker, extra fur may opt to wear lighter clothing and simply maintain their thick fur to keep warm.


It’s important for Roseilorn in the Heavens to keep their blooms warm to ward off Frostbite.

Sectors 2-4

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Fashion in the middle sectors range depending on level and climate.


Those in the upper middle sectors will typically dress similarly to those of the Heavens, and are more likely to need warmer clothing than the lower sectors.


Whites, reds, grey, and gold are common in sector 2.


The upper levels of sector 3 continue to resemble fashion in sector two, while lower sector 3 will begin to resemble sector 4. Access to finer material diminishes the further into Roseil they are, as it is difficult to transport them.


Whites, grays, and blacks are common colours in sector 3, with accents of gold in the upper levels of sector 3.


Sector 4’s fashion begins to stray from the finer materials of the heavens and use what is available to them. Much of their goods come from the Abyss, especially fabrics. Due to the warmer climate, fashion is lighter in the lower sector.


Whites, grays, and browns are common colours in sector 4.

The Abyss

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The Abyss is by far the most varied and colourful. Fashion here is light to cope with the humid heat of the Abyss. Materials range depending on what they have on hand at the time, as they rely entirely on found resources and smuggled goods. Leather and plate are commonly used to accessorize and protect Roseilorns in the Abyss. Fashion is typically more functional than anything else.


Roseilorn in the Abyss will also wear foreign fashion brought in from beyond the barrier. 


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Depending on where they live, or even what is currently considered fashionably trendy, Roseilorn will sometimes shave or trim their fur down to one length. 


Roseilorn in the Heavens typically have thicker, fuller fur, simply well groomed to maintain a luxurious appearance. It also keeps them warm in the high altitudes of Roseil’s upper sectors. 


Roseilorn in the lower sectors are more likely to shave their fur due to the increasingly hot and humid conditions. It’s a far more common sight in the Abyss, as shaved fur is easier to maintain. 


Neck fur and hip fur are the most common areas Roseilorn will shave. Some may even shave the draping leg fur at their ankles. Shaved fur can sometimes look ‘odd’ due to the differences in fur colour between each area (i.e. Roseilorn who have neck fur that doesn’t match their shoulders/face, or Roseilorn with different coloured feet from their legs and draped fur.)

Facial Hair

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While Roseilorn can’t grow facial hair in the same way humans can, they can grow and shape their facial, neck, and chest fur both naturally and with potions. Roseilorn with “extra fluff” have the best luck naturally growing facial hair. 


Many Roseilorn will dye the fur they’ve grown to match their hair colour, or to differentiate it from their face.Some will go as far as to magically enhance them with potions to ensure the dye doesn’t have to be maintained.


Facial hair is always the same soft texture of their fur. Roseilorn won’t have scratchy/rough body hair.

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