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Welcome to the bestiary! 

Here, you can learn more about the different types of pets and creatures found in the world in and around Roseil. New creatures are being discovered every day, so be sure to check back now and then for new information!

Have a suggestion for a critter? Submit it to us!

We accept both vague ideas, like "glow mouse", as well as in depth or preexisting species concepts you are willing to donate/sell/trade to the Roseilorn group.

Uik - Glow Mice


Uik are a faceless rodent about 16" tall (ears included), 12" long, with a tail approximately 20" long. Discovered in the depths of The Abyss, Uik are playful, cave dwelling creatures that feed on bugs, plants, nuts, and fruits. They are blind and rely primarily on sound and temperature to get around. 

Uik feature 'glow stones' on their face, hips, back paws, and tail. The stones are strong, but can crack and break. A broken stone can lead the health complications in a Uik, including a irreversible disease called "Crystal Rot", where the crystallization spreads into the surrounding flesh and crumbles, resembling a geode. To prevent Crystal Rot from setting in, the stone can be mended with magic by a Roseilorn. If the rot has already begun, amputation can stop the disease from spreading further, but such methods are only possible for stones on the tail and legs. 

They also are capable of growing plant-life on their shoulders and hips. Most commonly seen are mushrooms, but roses and other flowers are possible. Any natural growth can occur, however due to the existence of "Crystal Rot", Uik with crystal growths are typically shunned and abandoned by other Uik. 

Uik have an average lifespan of 10 - 15 years. A dying or sick Uik will have a dimming glow. Upon death, their glow goes out completely. 

Common pets for all class of Roseilorn, Uik are often decorated with accessories, clothes, and most popular of all, custom masks that fit over their facial glow stone. Uik don't seem to mind these masks, and many believe they appreciate the extra protection the masks offer their largest stone. 

Ubouza - Glow Bats


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