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Many modern day Roseilorns have crossbred ancestors, but due to the isolation of their society and puritan views of the Heavens, most non-Roseilorn civilians and crossbreeds were run out after Saint Roseil's death. Now days, there is very little evidence of crossbreeds outside of the Abyss, aside from the odd mutation here or there.


In the Abyss, Crossbreeds and non-Roseilorn civilians aren't unheard of, though their numbers dwindle. It's unknown if they simply move to better lands, outside of Roseil, or if they find themselves prey to the lawlessness of the Abyss itself. Crossbreeds are sought after by the Black Market for their mutations and mixed DNA by those who wish to profit off of their abnormalities

Roseilorn are capable of breeding with any creature, no matter their sex, so long as they have an affinity for Life Magic, or seek out a midwife both strong enough and willing to create life from the Roseilorn's desired match. Most Roseilorns are not powerful enough to do this on their own, and require a midwife's assistance. 

However, Roseilorn may also conceive the old-fashioned way, given that they and their partner have compatible parts. 

There are a high number of crossbreeds between Clokies and Roseilorns, due to a time long in the past when Roseilorns were welcomed freely in Âthâw, home of the Clokies. Clokies can be found in the Abyss, along with some of their crossbreed offspring, and some can even be found in the higher sectors, though many in the Heavens dislike their presence. 

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