Sector One - The Heavens

The Heavens are privy to the absolute highest of the upper class Roseilorns. These are the Roseilorn who have been 'blessed' with halos and flower crowns; and in some cases, hooved Roseilorns have been accepted among these god-like ranks. These are the law makers, and the ones who pass down the teachings of Saint Roseil (as they know it.) 

Unlike the other sectors, The Heavens is comprised of just one level. They are the only level entirely outside of the mountainous volcano Roseil, settled far above the clouds upon the summit. 

The heavens are brightly lit by the sun, the structures made mostly of white and gold, looking like an isolated society floating on clouds most days. Because they are above Roseil's cloud cover, The Heavens cannot typically be seen from down below (unless looking up from within the volcano's center,) nor can those residing in The Heavens see the lower levels. There are, however, a select team of Roseilorns who keep an eye on the lower sectors to ensure that a certain balance and order is kept. 

Sector Two - Upper Class

Home to the rest of the upper class, Sector Two is made up of 2 levels within the uppermost part of the inner volcano, spanning out onto the surface through tunnels, though most don't care for how cold and cloudy it is, and prefer to live within. 

The wide opening of the volcano crater means that even though they have built their homes within, there is still plenty of light that comes in through the top. This light is considered a gift from The Heavens, only allowed to them and Sector Three so generously. 

Life here is lavish and very similar to life in The Heavens, established by those who lacked the Legendary traits or lineage to secure a home any higher. Eager to mimic the lives of those in The Heavens, white, grey, and gold are standard colours of the structures in Sector Two. 

Sector Three - Upper-Middle Class

While light is more limited here, especially the further down within the sector, the three levels of Sector Three are graciously bathed in light from above for most of the day. Since this sector is below most of the cloud cover, more Roseilorns are willing to live on the surface of the volcano as well. 

The overall feel of Sector Three begins to grow mixed, the upper level a mix of white and grey structures, while the lower levels begin to take on a more earthen look with darker greys and warm browns. Pops of red and orange cand be found in level three, sector three, especially with the lanterns used to light the tunnels too far in for natural light to reach. 

These are the middle class families that can just taste how close they are to moving up. On occasion, they are invited up a level for celebrations and gatherings; and even rarer, they may be invited up to visit The Heavens if they have done something of note. 

Section Four - Middle Class

Light is limited in Sector Four, with only the first level getting any decent amount of natural light. Homes are smaller here, earthen in colour and less lavish than those in the upper sectors. Brighter colours show up more often in Sector Four's three levels. They are closer to The Abyss than anyone else, and are rarely invited higher. The only way to move up is to improve their social standing. 

Many families in Sector Four are strict and eager to mimic those better off than them, in hopes of moving up. It's not uncommon for those who are accepting and involved with those from The Abyss to be considered rebellious, or lost causes.  

Sector Five - The Abyss

The only light that reaches The Abyss is at the very center of the cavern, and it only lasts for an hour a day. The Abyss has an unknown number of levels, as it branches down and out under ground. It is rumored to go far beyond the magical barrier, with tunnels stretching out further than most any Roseilorn would dare venture. 

Colours in The Abyss are vibrant and lively, lit up by multi-coloured lanterns. Homes are packed close together, and they are a very close knit society. While many do dream of living in the other sectors, most are content with their laid back lifestyles, free of the watchful eyes of The Heavens, for the most part. The Abyss is the liveliest sector of them all, and their music and laughter can be heard from Sector Four. It often draws curious Roseilorns down to join the fun. 

The truer teachings of Saint Roseil are passed on in The Abyss, and the Roseilorn here are often far more peaceful and accepting than the rest of society. 

Gambling and smuggling are commonplace in the lower levels of The Abyss, and outside goods, fashion, and even non-Roseilorn inhabitants are more likely to be found here.