About The Unveiling

The Unveiling is a time for reviewing the good and bad of the previous year. Roseilorn wear masks decorated with both the positive and negative things they have experienced during the past year. At the end of the celebration, the masks are broken to bring good luck by leaving their regrets behind, and continuing on to a more fortunate future. 

Roseilorn celebrate The Unveiling with drinks, food, and of course, a party that spans several days. It is also a common courting event for Roseilorn seeking out love for the new year. Weddings and births are common around this time as well. During the Unveiling, betrothed Roseilorn will wear Wedding masks, and expectant parents can be seen wearing family masks to celebrate their growing family. (This includes Roseilorn who are getting a child via Life Magic!)

These special masks are not broken at the end of the event like regular masks. Instead, the Wedding masks are broken at the end of the wedding ceremony, while Family masks are broken after the child is safely born! In both cases, the breaking of the mask is seen as a token of good luck. 



PROMPT: Using the Rosebud base and/or Cloki Egg Base provided, create a design you would like to turn into an official Cloki or Roseilorn. The theme this year is DREAM DESIGN. What is your dream Roseilorn or Cloki? What would their traits be? Use the bases to design your dream concept, and list the traits they would have. Two lucky winners (one Cloki and one Roseilorn) will be picked, and Hina and Tetsu will collaborate to bring them to life! Anyone who doesn't win will be given the opportunity to purchase a discounted MYO slot. If you cannot buy a slot now, you can always keep your egg or bloom for future custom or MYO slot opportunities.  


Winners will receive a custom collab design by Hina and Tetsu based on their winning concept.

There will be ONE Roseilorn winner and ONE Cloki winner.


  • You may submit one of each species (one Cloki Egg and one Roseilorn Rosebud), but you can only win once.

  • All art must be done by you. It doesn't have to look perfect, judging will be on the design idea, not skill.

  • You MUST list traits your dream design would have. You don't have to list every trait, but please list unique or rare traits you envision them having. You can also describe hair, wing details, flower type, etc. Have fun with it! 

  • Do not Copy/Steal/Plagiarize. Please avoid making look-alike designs to pre-existing ones. 

  • Traditional and Digital media are both allowed.

  • You may keep non-winning rosebuds/eggs for future use, or donate them to the group for Raffle/DTA prompts.

  • There will be NO extensions to the deadline. All entries must be submitted by the deadline (December 26th, 2020.)

How to Enter