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Mod Shop

Deep in the bustling market of sector 3, a decorative potion sign catches your interest. Scrawled across the potion bottle motif is the shop name: Ra'isha. "Perfect You." You've heard of this shop from others who dared to get modification procedures. Roseilorn who sought out perfection in themselves at any cost... the old saying, "curiosity killed the Rosei" echos dimly in your mind, but you shove it aside and walk up to the door. 

Upon entering, you are greeted with 'before and after'images on every wall in the main foyer. Your courage starts to fail as you consider returning to the busy bazaar, but a small chuckle keeps you firmly planted in the doorway. You look up at the sound, and see him smiling coyly from behind a tidy reception desk. Mustering up your will, you close the door behind you and take your first steps toward 'perfection'...

"Jali, young Rosei, what a brave one you are. My name is Keibine, and I am the owner of Ra'isha, practitioner of body modifications. If it's within my knowledge and power, I can offer you the dream you... But of course, it comes with risks; and a price."

Your mouth feels dry, and you feel yourself trying to swallow and cough slightly in result. 

"Please, please, do not fret. I promise that I do everything in my power to accommodate and make you as comfortable as possible during the process. After all, not all of us are born how we want to be. However, there are risks, I cannot deny that. Some modifications are more invasive than others, and there are certain situations in which a mod cannot happen." Keibine curled a clawed finger, inviting you to sit in the chair across from him. You find yourself in the seat before you know it, uncertain if he had some form of influence over you, or if it was of your own will.

"The most challenging cases involve flowerless Roseis. Sometimes the procedure takes, and sometimes it does not. Much of the process also resides within you and your own magical abilities. If the will is not there, then the mod will not take." Keibine turns a 'menu' around on the desk for you to look over, detailing the types of modifications he is capable of providing and their cost. "Hooves, Halos, and Flower Crowns are also difficult for me, I'm afraid. The amount of time, work, and magic needed to make this happen is quite involved, but it can be done. Just know, those in the Heavens will know it's a mod. They always do, and not all of them are quite so friendly in regards to this. That's why you've been seeing more and more of these fabled 'Legendaries' mingling in the lower sectors." 

Keibine gives you a moment to look over the options, resting his chin in the palm of his hand while he leans into the desk patiently. "Well, my dear. What will it be?"


  • You may purchase one of each type of upgrade per opening. This is to prevent hoarding and give everyone a fair chance to purchase upgrades.

  • You may trade/gift your upgrade(s).

  • You may resell your upgrade(s), but only for the amount that you paid, or its equivalent. (USD, Points, and Bloom are interchangeable at a $1:100pts:100bl exchange rate.)

  • You must inform the group when you have resold/traded/gifted your upgrade(s), and who the new owner(s) are.

  • You must have the upgrade bottle in your Bank of Roseil account to redeem it.

  • Unless purchasing Dye Job or Fresh Ink, you must follow the Roseilorn editing guide if you want to change colours/markings when upgrading your traits.

  • TRAIT UPGRADES: All trait upgrades only upgrade ONE trait.

  • DYE JOB: This potion allows you to change the colours of your Roseilorn completely. Markings must stay the same. 

  • FRESH INK: This potion allows you to change your Roseilorn's markings. Colours must stay the same.

  • MIRACLE GROW: This potion will cause blooms to grow anywhere on the Roseilorn's body. It may not be used to create a faux flower crown, however. 

Available Potions



500 Bl

Availability: 8



2000 Bl

Availability: 0



 800 Bl

Availability: 5



1200 Bl

Availability: 2



1000 Bl

Availability: 0



1000 Bl

Availability: 2



1500 Bl

Availability: 0



 2500 Bl

Availability: 0

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