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Past Updates

MAY 4, 2019 Updates

More progress has been made on getting the website up and running! 

Expect to see frequent adjustments to the layout and assets as we figure things out, but the site should become more functional soon.

Important updates to note:

1. You may now use points and USD to purchase Bloom. Bloom purchases have a weekly limit of 500 bloom ($5/500pts). You can find the link to purchase bloom in your vault.


2. All shops except the MYO shop are now Bloom only. (The MYO shop will continue to accept bloom/points/USD for payments)


3. The familiar shop, Mod shop, and MYO shop have all been updated on site. The correlating journals and discord channels will be deleted and all sales directed to the site to keep things easy on the mods. 

4. There are new items in the Mod shop, MYO shop, and Familiar shop:

DYE JOB: Change your Roseilorn's colours completely. Markings must stay the same.

FRESH INK: Change your Roseilorn's markings completely. Colours must stay the same. 

MIRACLE GROW: Drinking this, your Roseilorn will begin to grow blooms all over their body. May not be used to make a faux flower crown.

SPA DAY: Change your Familiar's colours and markings completely. 

SPECIES SWAP: Change your Uik to a Ubouza or vice versa.

SUPER RARE +M: You can now purchase a Super Rare MYO slot that allows one (1) Mutation trait.

5. The credits page is now updated with credits for who did what on the site and npc designs!

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