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So you want to buy a MYO Roseilorn slot? Then you're in the right place! Here you can buy your own Roseilorn MYO slots ranging from Common to Legendary, and sometimes even Crossbreed! Some rarities may be unavailable, or sold in very limited quantities, so plan accordingly. MYO shop openings will always be announced, so keep an eye out! MYO slots are available for purchase with USD, Points, and Bloom. You may not mix payment types. 

Purchasing a MYO slot will automatically open an account in the Bank of Roseil for you, where the scroll will be logged. In order to use Bloom to purchase slots, you must have an account with the Bank of Roseil.


  • You may purchase one of each type of slot per opening. This is to prevent hoarding and give everyone a fair chance to purchase slots.

  • You may trade/gift your slot(s).

  • You may resell your slot(s), but only for the amount that you paid, or its equivalent. (USD, Points, and Bloom are interchangeable at a $1:100pts:100bl exchange rate.)

  • You must inform the group when you have resold/traded/gifted your slot(s), and who the new owner(s) are.

  • You must have the MYO scroll in your Bank of Roseil account to redeem it.


Common MYO

Common Traits 

Uncommon MYO

Common and Uncommon Traits

Rare MYO

Common, Uncommon, Rare Traits

Super Rare MYO

Common, Uncommon, Rare, Super Rare Traits

Super Rare +M MYO

The same as a Super Rare MYO, but you may use one (1) mutation trait.

Mutation MYO

All previous traits + mutations.

(Mutations are capped at 3, but you may purchase additional Mutation upgrades to add more.)

Legendary MYO

All previous traits except Mutations.

You may, however, use a Mutation upgrade to give your Legendary a mutation.

Crossbreed MYO

All previous trait rarities.

Traits that they get from their non-Roseilorn parent are always considered "mutations".

Available Slots


 $15 | 1500 pts | 1500 Bl

Availability: Unlimited


 $35 | 3500 pts | 3500 Bl

Availability: 3 | 0


 $20 | 2000 pts | 2000 Bl

Availability: 10 | 10 


 $40 | 4000 pts | 4000 Bl

Availability: 1 | 0


 $25 | 2500 pts | 2500 Bl

Availability: 10 | 4


 $50| 5000 pts | 5000 Bl

Availability: 0 | 0


 $30 | 3000 pts | 3000 Bl

Availability: 8 | 0


 $75 | 7500 pts | 7500 Bl

Availability: 0 | 0

*Super Rare + M allows you ONE (1) Mutation trait.

The first # in Availability are $/Pts Slots, the second # are Bloom (Bl) slots.

NEXT OPENING: 11/28/2019

Closes: 12/01/2019

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