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Annual Myo Events

Every year, there are two set MYO Events where free common MYO slots are available.

These are also the two main MYO shop openings, and the two only chances to purchase Mutation, Legendary, and Crossbreed MYO Slots each year. 

Outside of events, the MYO shop will open occasionally with a limited stock of lower rarity slots.



Mother's Day Weekend

48 HR MYO Event

Free Common Slots Available


Thanksgiving Weekend

96 HR MYO Event

Free Common Slots Available

Event Rules

Claiming Your Free Common MYO

Each user is allowed one free Common MYO slot

In order to gain this free slot, you must:

  • Advertise the event/group in a journal, poll, or tweet.

  • Link to the advertisement when claiming your slot.

  • Be able to complete your MYO design by December 31st, 2019.

Purchasing Additional Slots

You may purchase additional MYO slots with Bloom, dA Points or USD.

Additional Rules for MYO Slot Purchases are listed in the MYO Shop.

Each user is limited to 1 MYO purchase with Bloom per day. 

There is a set limit of Bloom vs Non-Bloom Slots for each rarity.

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