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A Roseilorn Breeding Event

With the start of the new year bringing new romances and weddings, plenty of Roseilorn begin seeking the means to build a family of their own. While many Roseilorn couples are perfectly capable of a natural pregnancy, it's become commonplace for Roseilorn to seek out the strong life magic the midwife, Lilena, is capable of. These Roseilorn either don't want to carry, don’t have a partner,  or aren't capable of conceiving with their partner. Lilena will help them create a child either with their own genetics, or use life essence that has been donated to her clinic by generous Roseilorn from every sector.


Because Lilena uses life magic to create the child, any two Roseilorn's life essence can be used. Once the parents are chosen, Lilena creates a child that grows within a large rosebud, that will grow in her garden until they 'bloom' from their flowery womb and join their waiting families. Lorewise, this takes 11-12 months (but you won’t have to wait that long!)


So, come and visit Lilena’s Garden, and pick the parents to grow (or start) your Roseilorn family!

Lilena's Garden will Bloom May 1st, but the Blooms themselves will show up throughout the event as they're created!

How It Works

Participants will be allowed to pick a pair of Roseilorns from the public lot, and Lilena will use Life Magic to create a child for you! The public lot is compiled of Roseilorns whose owners have given the group permission to use in the event. Please keep in mind that some of these Roseilorn may never want or have canon connections to their children, and that in most cases, will never know they are biologically related to the children. Please respect their owners’ boundaries if they are not looking for those connections.


You are welcome to use your own Roseilorns, or a friend’s Roseilorn (with permission) instead.


If you own the Roseilorn, you may use it even if it has been used 2 times in the public lot.


Slots are FCFS, but the order in which pairs are picked will be randomized (meaning even if you sign up first, you may not get to pick your pair first.) There is a tentative limit of 2 slots per user. This means you may apply for as many slots as you want, but will only be guaranteed 2 to ensure a fair chance of everyone getting at least one slot.


Regular Slots are $50 USD

Paypal Only

Slots Taken: 16/50


Slots will be open until the event ends, or until we reach 50 orders.

     This year, there are also 2 other types of slots that do not count toward the total 50.     

Mini Base Slots are $25 USD or 2500 pts

These slots are restricted to 1 slot per person.

Mini Base Slots are colour sketch designs and may not be as clean as regular slots.

 Slots Taken 6/10


Crossbreed Slots are $100 USD


These slots are off base and limited to 1 per person.

Parents can be a Roseilorn with a Meorling, Cloki, or a non-CS.

Crossbreed parents can be used as well.

You may use other CS as a parent if you have permission from the CS to make a Crossbreed.


Slots Taken 2/5

Determining Rarity


10 X or X will be determined by heads or tails.

10 X-X will be determined by 3 sided die with 1 being the lowest rarity, and 3 being the rarest.

Rolls for Legendary and Mutation traits will be made after determining the base rarity.

Once rarity is rolled, I will personally pick traits, taking into account the parents. This does not guarantee they will inherit their parents’ traits, however.


2 of the same rarity = 90% same rarity, 10% any other rarity C-SR

C+C = 90 C, 10 UC-SR
UC+UC = 90 UC, 10 C-SR (excluding UC)
R+R = 90 R, 10 C-SR (excluding R)
SR+SR = 90 SR, 10 C-R

C+UC = 50 C, 40 UC, 10 R or SR
C+R = 70 C, 20 R, 10 UC or SR
C+SR = 80 C, 10 SR, 10 UC or R

UC+R = 70 UC, 20 R, 10 C or SR
UC+SR = 80 UC, 10 SR, 10 C or R

R+SR = 70 R, 20 SR, 10 C or UC

L+L = 40 L, 15 C, 15 UC, 15 R, 15 SR

L+Other = 20 L, 20 C, 20 UC, 20 R, 20 SR

Chance of L between non-L parents 1%

Chance of M 5%

Chance of Xbreed = If both parents are the same type of xbreed 5% chance

If only one parent is xbreed 1% chance

Determining Markings, Hair, Gender, and Sex


When picking your pair(s) you may choose the gender and sex of your Roseilorn, or you may leave it up to me.


Markings, traits, hairstyle, expression, body type will all be determined by me. You may change their hair, personality, but markings may not undergo major changes. Any marking changes must be approved by Tetsumiro.


If you end up with a Roseilorn you don’t like, you may sell, gift, or trade it. You may only sell it for the price of the slot.

The Public Lot

Each Roseilorn listed in the below link may only be picked TWICE. When applying for your pairs, you will be asked to provide 3-5 options in the order of preference for each slot you purchase. You will get the first available pair on your list. If none of your pairs are available, you will be given the opportunity to pick new pairs.


Sex does not matter in this breeding event. Any Roseilorn can be paired with another Roseilorn, even if they are both male or both female. Lilena’s life magic allows any two Roseilorn to create a child.

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