Users listed here may not receive Roseilorns via trade/sale/gift. They are not allowed to participate in the Roseilorn community.

Please do not seek out these members to harass/bully/attack them.

This list only exists to prevent them from gaining additional designs.

Spac3Kidd0 | 0r1on | Hollowsoulss | -maxi-

Lying about being over 18

Cigaretteburns (FA) | Charmless-Prince (DA) | Cigaretteburns (New TH)

Bloodborne (OLD TH) | HorrorShow (OLD TH) | NIGHTWING (OLD TH) | HORCRUX (OLD TH) |

Breaking TOS, Lying

Tsuki | Nitocris-Crossing (DA) | Nitocris (TH/FA) | Delquaza (Old Username)

Breaking TOS, Harassment, Lying

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Roseilorns are a Closed Species, You may not make your own without permission.

What people do with their Roseilorns do not represent the views of Banana Milk Media and their mods.
Do not use Roseilorn assets as your own. Please view a list of asset credits here.