Appraising and Selling your Roseilorn

Looking to sell a Roseilorn that doesn't have a monetary value?

Look no further! ANY Roseilorn can be appraised, no matter how you got them!

There are some exceptions, of course. 

Exceptions may be edited and expanded upon as needed.


Raffle Designs

You must have put some work into the design via art, commissions, trades before it can be appraised for resale. 


How do appraisals work?

Your design will be appraised based on several factors: 

1. Overall Rarity

2. Commissioned Work

3. Your own art

4. Trades (with the permission of the artist)

Commissioned work, your own art, and qualifying trades will need proof of value. 

Commissions: proof of payment via screenshot.

Your own art: Varies, but preferably proof of price range/commission sheet.

Trades: proof of written permission for appraisal to resell + the value of traded art.

Rarity Appraisals 

Your Roseilorn's traits do matter!

Roseilorn will be appraised based on the current market value of the MYO slot you would need to create them.

Even if you made your Roseilorn with a free Common MYO and used upgrade potions on them, if your Roseilorn has a Legendary trait, their Appraisal value will begin at the present cost of a Legendary MYO!


You got a free Common MYO slot during the MYO event and used a Rare and Super Rare upgrade potion on it. You've drawn three things (valued at $15 each) of this Roseilorn and commissioned 2 things (one valued at $25 and the other at $50.)

Your Roseilorn would be appraised as follows:

Trait Appraisal - Super Rare ($30)

Personal Art - $45

Commissioned Art - $75

Your Roseilorn's Appraised Price: $150