Upcoming EVENT - Lilena's Garden

February 14th - May 1st, 2020

Love is in the air again! Lilena's Garden is going to be filling up with blooms soon, keeping her busy nurturing the lot of them to ensure a healthy new generation of Roseilorns. Will one of these blooms be waiting for you?

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The FAMILIAR Shop is Open!

The Familiar shop has some Uik and Ubouza for sale, as well as MYO slots for both pet species! Masks for each type will be available sometime this month as well, so keep a look out!

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MAY 25, 2019 Updates

More progress has been made on getting the website up and running! 

Expect to see frequent adjustments to the layout and assets as we figure things out, but the site should become more functional soon.

Important updates to note:

1. Changes have been made to the Roseilorns traits! Please see the traits page for information on traits and rarities.


2. The MYO shop has been updated with further details on what each slot entails to clear up any confusion!


3. Information about Crossbreeds has been updated! A little more lore has been added!

4. Additional information on Roseilorn magic (and what they are capable of) has been added, with more to come soon!

5. The MAKERS page is now updated with info on who runs the group! Please take a moment to check our team out!